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Monogram Orthopaedics is working to develop a product solution architecture with the long-term goal of enabling patient-optimized orthopedic implants at scale by linking 3D printing and robotics with advanced pre-operative imaging. The Company has a robot prototype that can autonomously execute optimized paths for high precision insertion of implants in synthetic bone specimens. Monogram intends to produce and market robotic surgical equipment and related software, orthopedic implants, tissue ablation tools, navigation consumables, and other miscellaneous instrumentation necessary for reconstructive joint replacement procedures. The Company has not yet made 510(k) premarket notification submissions or obtained 510(k) clearances for any of its robotic products. FDA approval is required to market these products, and the Company has not obtained FDA approval for any of its robotic products, and it cannot estimate the timing, or assure the ability, to obtain such clearances.

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